The Strange History of Anti-Depressants

By the end of the 1940s, the war had ended and the world began the slow, painful process of putting the pieces back together. Cities lay leveled, families had been broken, the global moral lay low. Depression rates increased and people turned to doctors for a solution. Brain science was in infancy leaving doctors and psychiatrists struggling to find answers for mental health patients. Patients with depression and mental illnesses would be subjected to shock therapy, seizure therapy, and out of desperation, even antihistamines that had a mildly sedative effect. As you might expect, the…

By asking a large group of people to perform one small action.

How do you create a large impact, with little effort, across a wide area?

In this thought experiment, let’s look at a simple example to see how this can be done.

We first define a theme.

Given how prevalent the issue of littering is, we’ll pick that up as a theme.

Then select a time — December 31st, 1PM

Under normal conditions, people would be busy, stocking up on new years eve supplies on December 31st, making it likely to have maximum possible engagement around 1pm, when last minute shopping would likely peak.

Now we define the action.

Everyone who supports the idea, would vow to pick up 1 piece of trash they didn’t

Literally, you’ll be done, with something to think about in just 30 seconds

Photo by author — Seattle, Washington

I went to the post office 2 days ago to pick up a new desk, still in it’s boxed cocoon.

After realizing my license was expired (I don’t currently drive so you can keep breathing normally), the teller allowed me to take my box.

The box looked small, and without even giving it a second thought, I grabbed it, easily held it with one arm at my left hip as if nothing but a paperweight.

My conversation came to a close and with my free hand I retrieved my receipt, thanked the teller for good service, and for letting my…

The Fairytale Lie

“Ring-a-round the rosie,

A pocket full of posies,

Ashes! Ashes!

We all fall down”

Photo by Lisa Fotios

You’re having a dream

You find yourself a noble in the European middle ages, living in a castle.

You’re surrounded by servants with walls that keep you safe from barbarians.

Your home is in the main castle, near the west tower — a favorable location offering rapid protection to you and other noble families within the castle from raids or invading armies. Your clothing is fine tailored, made of imported cotton and exotic feather lining, instead of animal hide from the local butcher, making you stand out as an elite.

I got the news at 9:30am a few short days ago. Part of me knew it was coming, she’d been sick for some time.

Photo by Joe Carder

Nothing ever prepares you for it. A sudden mono-toned phone call from a widower husband using your friend’s phone, telling you a person you loved is gone.

I had hoped to see her again when I came back home once COVID’s peak here in Canada ends and restrictions are lessened, but that won’t happen now.

She was never wealthy, popular, nor healthy. She was born in a poor and broken family being type 1 diabetic the…

5 low cost tools to turn lone freelancers into successful powerhouses.

Photo by Joe Carder via Canva

If you’re a busy 1 person production crew who is looking for quick tips to help with your business, this short article is for you.

Let’s dive in.


You’re making a video for a new product or service you’re trying to sell.

You know your market, you know your product. You’ve written the perfect script and it’s ready to be turned into a sound-bite or a sales pitch, aimed directly at the audience you’ve meticulously researched and funneled.

But there’s some concerns holding you back.

You hate the sound of your own voice.

You don’t have high priced recording equipment at your kitchen table.

The kids aren’t likely to quiet down while you try and record your…

This simple day-to-day life story is not interesting, revolutionary, nor incredible.

But if you have 1 minute, it might teach you a universal life principle.

“Don’t spend time chasing a right answer or a right path, but instead spend time defining how you are going to approach whatever path you choose.”- Laura R. Walker

I bought this lamp a few weeks ago.

Then I bought the candle; but forgot to check the size I was buying.

I ended up with something too big and for the last several nights have used the candle on it's own without the lamp.


Every day we wake up to face the grind.

We think to ourselves — “it’s time to get to work” — believing that that statement is motivational and uplifting. That it’s intended to help us keep in mind what we hope to accomplish. The problem, that statement isn’t usually used in a positive or inspiring context, nor does it inspire those feelings.

How many times has it gotten someone excited?

A few instances here and there, sure, but let’s assume it usually involves taking a deep breath, sigh, and speaking the words as a way of promising the person next to us we’ve committed to the task at hand…

You’ve heard it a thousand times — “put on deodorant before you leave the house.”

Most of us aren’t going out much these days. We’re at home either without a job, or working on a cramped coffee table surrounded by the ever present danger from the projectiles of playful children.

If you’re in one of these camps, you might be tempted to skip some basic personal care steps, as I have, like oh, let’s say; putting on deodorant.

“I’m not leaving the house and my meeting or social gathering is online today. I don’t care if I smell great or…

Who is your money?

Photo by Joe Carder

I came across an episode of Impact Theory recently that featured a Japanese man, the zen millionaire, Ken Honda — a man who was able to retire at age 29 by using zen philosophy to form a relationship with his money.

Honda is famous in Japan as a speaker, writer and someone who teaches people how to maintain a loving, zen relationship with money, as if it had a will of its own.

Like many of us have begun to do in the pandemic, I have taken a much more active role in trying to decode the mysteries of personal…

Joe Carder

I am a self motivated writer/editor looking to expand my knowledge and connections across multiple domains. Learning is always more fun together!

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